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Atmokinesis, more commonly known as Weather Manipulation, is the ability to control and manipulate the meteorological conditions to various effects. The range and strength of this power depends on the magical being using it. Weather manipulation can be achieved through spells.


  • Hecate manipulated weather with a spell, creating a storm to chase away the wedding guests.
  • The Sea Hag used a spell to create a rain storm in San Francisco, thus preventing the mermaid Mylie from obtaining a confession of true love from her boyfriend.
  • The return to the Titans caused a heatwave which hit San Francisco.
  • As Goddess of Earth, Piper used this power to cause a thunderstorm which threatened the city.

List of being who use(d) AtmokinesisEdit

Original power

  • The Titans
  • Goddess of Earth

Through spell, channeling, etc.

  • The Sea Hag (with a spell)
  • Hecate (with a spell)


To Create a ThunderstormEdit

When the Sea Hag could not sense where Mylie was on land and, thus, in her mortal form, she cast this spell to find her. The spell created a big thunderstorm above San Francisco and made it rain heavily for a long period of time.

Water rise up from the sea,

Find the one who fled from me

Follow where the winds are cold,

Then fall tenfold like days of old

To Create a StormEdit

This spell was cast by the demon Hecate during her wedding to Elliot Spencer. It called upon the individuals Perses and Asteria, the titans, and conjured a huge storm

By Asteria and Perses,

Open, sky, and do your worst

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