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Age shifting is the ability to change one's own age.


  • The Russian is the only character known to have this ability.


The Russian's abiity to change his own age allowed him to change his age from that of an old man to that of a young man. He seemed to be able to utilize the skills he had a young man, such as strength and knife handling. He was alos capable of shifting his age to that of a young boy, so as to try preventing Noah from killing him.

While shifting ages, the Russian cannot change genders, as it is noted tha this crime "family" is made up of al men. In fact, everything about him appears the same except his age. For instance, while appearing as a young man, the Russian had a large cut on his forehead. The same cut remained, even after shifting to the age of a young boy. Additionally, the Russian's clothes never changed while he was shifting ages.