Alejandro's ability is the ability to cause a negation of the effects of his sister Maya Herrera's poison emission.


  • Alejandro Herrera is the only character known to have this ability.


Alejandro appears to be unaffected by Maya's poison emission while it is manifesting, and, with effort, he can reverse its effect in Maya and others after it has manifested.

The maximum range at which Alejandro can neutralize her poison emission ability is not clear, but it appears to be less than 100 meters. It is also unclear how long after their "deaths" that Alejandro can revive Maya's victims.

It is not known if Alejandro's ability would interact with the abilities of evolved humans other than his twin sister, nor is it known if his ability could be used to treat illnesses or injuries unrelated to poison emission.

Alejandro must be in physical contact with Maya in order to neutralize her ability.


  • According to writers Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski, Alejandro was able to reverse the effects of Maya's ability on Nidia because Nidia hadn't died yet. "Once people die, all Alejandro can do is pray and grab a shovel."
  • It is unknown whether this ability would work on Arthur after he absorbed Maya's ability, as it could be heavily related to Maya and Alejandro's emotional connection.