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Animal control is the ability to communicate with and control animals.


  • Markus Gaines is the only known character to have this ability.


Markus can communicate with animals, using his power to gain inforamtion from Mr. Muggles. He is also able to control animals, enraging them with a click of his fingers. This click seems to enable him to control what the animals do, as the dogs and other animals that he summoned attacked three women in the fashion that Markus wanted them to.


  • Markus has used his ability in an underground dogfighting operation.
  • Markus uses his ability to summon Mr. Muggles.
  • Markus causes Mr. Siegel's three large German shepherds to bare their teeth and growl.
  • Markus snaps his fingers and dogs (and a few cats) pour into the Bennets' home.
  • Markus makes a bird fly through the window and into Rachel's head, distracting her. The bird then leaves Rachel alone when Markus leaves.