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Appearance alteration (also referred to as adaptive appearance manifestation) is the ability to change the skin, hair and vocal cords of another person.


  • Connie Logan is the only character known to have this ability.


Connie alters the appearances of others by touch. She is able to mold human skin, hair, and vocal cords at the cellular level. Connie smooths out Penny's face and rebuilds it like someone else's as if it were clay putty in her hands. In addition to the facial features changing, her daughter's hair and eye color are changed, and her voice pattern is altered. The end result is giving her daughter an exact copy of another person's physical appearnce except for the clothes she is wearing.

Connie's work in making Penny resemble Manuel's girlfriend was enough to fool him and others. According to Connie, the maximum length of time her alterations can hold is 24 hours. However, in the past, Connie has used her ability in the entertainment industry and gained international fame with her make-up and hairstyling work on high-profile clients. Connie, however, cannot use her ability on herself.

Connie was able to disguise Penny as Gina, a woman with a different skin color, well enough so that Gina's boyfriend Echo was momentarily fooled. Connie's work also fooled Thompson when Penny was changed to look like the woman he loved.