David's ability is an ability that causes great aggression and a change in the user's eye color.


  • David Sullivan was granted this ability synthetically.


David SullivanEdit

After David was injected with the uncatalyzed formula, his ability manifested immediately. His eyes turned red and he growled, before charging at Rachel Mills aggressively. After Rachel teleported away, David charged at her again, only to be impaled on a pair of scissors. David also attacked Ryan Hanover from behind and apparently mangled him.


  • In an interview with The Recruit writers Jim Martin and Timm Keppler, Ryan Gibson Stewart asks about David's ability saying that he doesn't even know what to call it. Jim Martin replies: "David was injected with an uncatalyzed strain of the serum which had terrible mutated effects. It was more of a severe rabies than anything else. Some of the bad erum turned people into "the elephant man", some did the Kafka-esque "Suresh" transformation and some of it did this. I'd call it "super rabies"."