Electrical absorption is the ability to absorb electrical energy and release it in direct electrical arcs.


  • A teenage patient in a New York City hospital naturally possesses this ability.
  • Benjamin Franklin is the first character (chronologically) known to naturally possess this ability.


Teenage patientEdit

The teenage patient releases uncontrolled electrical arcs and electromagnetic pulses at unpredictable intervals. He appears to absorb energy from nearby electrical systems and release it whenever the charge reaches an unspecified threshold. Unlike Benjamin Franklin, the patient displayed that he does not require touch to transfer electricity and can absorb and release electrical arcs through the air.

Benjamin FranklinEdit

According to Joseph Priestley, Benjamin Franklin told him that during his initial kite experiment, he absorbed enough electricity to kill a normal man from the lightning bolt that struck the kite and traveled down the wet string. He also claimed that afterwards, he released the stored energy by touching his cat.