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Energy absorption, transference, and redirection is the ability to manipulate energy.


  • Mindy Sprague is the only character known to have this ability.


According to the Assignment Tracker 2.0 profile for Mindy Sprague, this ability allows a person to absorb, transfer, and redirect energy. The energy is absorbed on a cellular level. The user can aggregate and refocus energy for alternate external release.

When Mindy uses this ability, her hands glow. During a period of more intense use, like when she absorbed energy from a malfunctioning TMI reactor, her entire body glowed, and her skeletal structure was visible. She was able to consciously redirect enough energy to blast a hole through the wall and cause part of the ceiling to collapse. The next day, Angela remarked that the output of energy was enough to create a blizzard with winds over 110 mph from as far away as Boston. Bob commented that she was able to change the weather for thousands of miles.