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Enhanced memory (also referred to as eidetic memory or enhanced thought processing) is the ability to quickly absorb, perfectly retain, and immediately utilize immense amounts of information.



  • Charlie Andrews is the first known person to have this ability.
  • Matt Neuenberg naturally possessed this ability.
  • Originally, Sylar stole this ability from Charlie but lost it after being infected by the Shanti virus. He never acquired this ability in the new timeline in which Charlie is saved by Hiro.


  • According to Trevor Tanaka's Heroes: Survival profile, he possesses this ability.
  • According to Katherine Murry's Heroes: Survival profile, she possesses the ability of "enhanced thought processing".


Charlie AndrewsEdit

Charlie was able to remember everything she read since she first manifested this power. She was also able to comprehend and use the knowledge gained almost immediately.

Charlie has the ability to remember everything that has happened in her entire life. She can memorize books word for word that she read in elementary school. She even remembers the night her parents died in a car crash when she was only six months old.

When her aneurysm started to burst, Charlie started to absently recite random information about a Japanese city.

Sixty-five years after being trapped back in 1944, Charlie was still able to remember what the weather was like when she was trapped there.


Sylar was able to read the owner's manual for a tractor-trailer and immediately use that knowledge to drive the vehicle.

Matt NeuenbergEdit

According to the testing the Company has done on him, Matt has the capability of remembering great amounts of information. With the aid of a goggle device, Matt is able to store an entire mainframe computer's worth of data and have his brain be a makeshift backup drive.


  • According to Heroes: Survival, Pacy McNeil has the ability of "photographic memory and reflexes". It is unknown if this ability refers to enhanced memory, adoptive muscle memory, or a different ability altogether.