Healing touch is the ability to control the flow of life in living beings, healing or harming them.



  • Jeremy Greer possessed this ability naturally.
  • Peter Petrelli replicated this ability from Jeremy, but discarded it in favor of flight.


  • An unnamed woman from China mentioned by Noah Bennet also possesses this ability.


Jeremy GreerEdit

Jeremy had the ability to heal, but he could also use his ability to take the life out of living things. This seemed to happen whenever he experienced negative emotions, as he said that he was angry when he used his ability to kill his parents. But by thinking positively, he was able to use his ability to heal. While in anger, Jeremy killed a citizen of his own town and Noah tried to get him to reverse it, but instead he chose to let him die. Later, Jeremy had the choice of using his ability to kill Deputy Gill, but didn't as he was finally able to control himself with using this ability.

Peter PetrelliEdit

Peter initially replicated this ability in order to heal Hiro of his brain tumor, but Hiro teleported away before he got back and Peter never got the chance. Peter began using this ability to help people in his job as a paramedic. When two trains collided, he healed at least four people of most of their injuries on the way to the hospital (including one man who was paralyzed fro mat least the waist down, indicating a broken back or neck) and one man with serious burns at the hospital. He also is able to use this ability to only heal most of those people's injuries to presumably avoid suspicion, targeting only the most serious and life-threatening ones. An example is how he healed a man's paralysis but not an apparently minor head wound he had. However, using this ability exhausted him. Peter described it as the ability continually draining out of him, however, he refused to give it up and be ordinary. He later used it to heal Matt Parkman's wounds, but discarded the ability in favor of flight from Sylar, before he could heal Hiro.

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