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Illusion is the ability to manipulate how other people perceive reality.



  • Candice Willmer is the first character to exhibit this ability.
  • Crazy Tom has exhibited this ability.
  • Callum has exhibited this ability.


  • In a possible future, Sylar has gained this ability by killing Candice.
  • Future Peter has copied this power from an unknown source.


Candice WillmerEdit

Candice has the ability to disguise herself as another person with a nearly flawless illusion. Her ability can apparently fool all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. When she was impersonating Sandra Bennet, Noah Bennet literally held her and kissed her without penetrating the disguise.

Candice does not necessarily have to have met an individual she is impersonating. She was able to impersonate Simone Deveaux, although they apparently never met before Simone's death, and Candice had not seen Simone's dead body until after she appeared in her form. How she was able to accomplish this feat is unknown.

Candice can also create illusions in her vicinity. She was able to hide Simone Deveaux's body from p olice, and she kept Micah Sanders from escaping the Company's Kirby Plaza facility by making it seem that every path he took lead back to her. She can make people think the is two people at the same time. She claims that she can make a person see anything she wants them to see

Future SylarEdit

Future Sylar extensively used this power to disguise himself as President Nathan Petrelli. His use of this power in a possible future demonstrates that illusions can fool electronic equipment like cameras, since he was able to disguise himself on national television.

Future PeterEdit

After going back to the present from a possible future, future Peter Petrelli uses this ability to pose as his past self, altering his clothes and hiding his scar.

Crazy TomEdit

Crazy Tom has shown he is capable of casting illusions over anything he touches. He uses his ability to cast an illusion of himself instantaneously melting chains that are touching him into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He has also shown he is capable of changing his outfit into a straitjacket and tuxedo

He is also capable of at least temporarily changing other people's clothes.


Callum demonstrated this ability by creating an illusion of the man for whom Trevor Tanaka was looking, an illusion of the hallways and attic of a house, and an illusion of himself that interacted with others.

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