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Impenetrable skin is an ability that makes the possessor's skin, bones, vessels, organs, tissues and their entire body into a virtually indestructible armor.


  • Baron Samedi is the only person known to have this ability.


Samedi's ability makes his skin impervious to physical harm from any known source. The Haitian has remakred that Samedi's skin is invulnerable to objects such as knives, fire and bullets.

Samedi's ability actually seems to extend to all his tissues, not just his skin; when flown into a car by Nathan Petrelli, Sameid stood up unscathed, even though such an impact would normally cause internal injuries. He did, however, seem to be stunned by the experience.

This ability apparently provides no resistance to abilities that target the mind, such as [[Heroes: Mental Manipulation|mental manipulation.


  • In deleted scenes shown on the Season 2 DVD, Sylar obtains the ability of impenetrable skin from a character named Robert Keep. In this scene, Sylar telekinetically extracted Keep's brain through his mouth and nasal passage. It is unknown as to whether Samedi would be so susceptible.

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