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Invisibility is the ability to walk in plain view of other people without being seen.


  • Claude Rains is the first character to demonstrate this ability.
  • Becky Taylor has also demonstrated this ability.
  • A goateed invisible man has used this ability.
  • Peter Petrelli absorbed this power from Claude, but lost it to his father.


Claude RainsEdit

Standing in plain sight at a sidewalk cafe, Claude was able to pick up a wallet from a purse on a table, remove the money from it, and put it back in the purse without anyone paying any attention to him. However, when he and Peter began struggling and knocked over a table, people nearby noticed something odd happening, even though they didn't see the two men involved.

Claude has demonstrated some ability to make objects that he picks up or carries invisible: his clothes, for example, turn invisible with him. A pretzel he stole on another occasion. however, did not immediately become invisible. In fact, his assignment tracker profile says that Claude "is able to extend his ability to objects and people outside of himself by making physical contact with them while he is invisible. His ability allows him to see what would otherwise be invisible to the average person". Why objects become invisible in some circumstances but not in others isn't yet known. Additionally, Claude can make only certain parts of his body become invisible--when he was partners with Haram, he was able to make only his hand invisible.

Peter PetrelliEdit

Invisibility was one of Peter's more developed abilities. Peter has spent far more time using it than most of his other abilities, due to the extended period of time spent training while invisible with Claude. This may be why turning invisible has frequently been his first response when threatened. Peter has demonstrated the ability to trun at least one other person invisible in addition to himself while in contact with them.

Becky TaylorEdit

Becky is able to turn her whole body invisible as well as other objects. Although some objects can be turned invisible, Becky seems to be able to choose which are turned invisible and which are not. For example, she makes Annie's suicide note invisible when she holds it, but not Samuel's cloth, which he throws and she catches while invisible. She first manifested her ability when trying to hide from Noah Bennet after he caused her father's death; she wished to remain unseen and her invisibility manifested and made her so, protecting her from Noah. Unfortunately, as this wish came true she began to try to make her other "wishes" come true and became mentally unstable as one of her "wishes" was revenge, and she bleieved that because one came true, she could make the others come true too. When Ricky blasted an invisible Becky to save Tracy Strauss, it disrupted her power and made her visible again.

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