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Lie detection is the ability to detect if other people are telling lies.


  • Sue Landers had this ability.
  • Sylar has stolen this ability from Sue.


Sue LandersEdit

Sue is able to detect Sylar's lie immediately after she is told he's there to make a delivery. Sylar also remarks that her ability must be a burden to her, which suggests that Sue had no control over her ability.


Sylar states the user feels a tingling sensation when told a lie; he found this out shortly after killing Sue, when he asked a man on the elevator if there was any problem, to which the man said no (Sylar was covered in blood at the time). He is also able to detect a lie from Arthur Petrelli, realizing that Arthur was not his father. Sylar has also used this ability while questioning Agent Daniel Simmons. Sylar was questioning him about his father and was able to detect a lie when Agent Daniel Simmons said he was in prison. Sylar used this ability while questioning Luke about where his father is.

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