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Mediumship is the ability to see the spirits of dead people.


  • Ida May Walker naturally possessed this ability.
  • Linda Tavara absorbed this ability.


This ability allows one to see the spirits of a dead person as they appeared when they died. Whether the spirits are aware of the nature of their existence or whether they can communicate with the user is unknown.


  • In an interview, R.D. Hall elaborated on Ida May's ability. "She could actually see all these things, and she just thought they were angels. That's because they never interacted. It's kind of like in Romero's Dawn of the Dead: the zombies went back to the places where they always were, like the malls. The places where things felt calm in their lives. I think the ghosts kind of do the same thing. They died in the retirement home, so they're just sort of walking around".

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