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Melting is the ability to liquefy solid matter.


  • Zane Taylor had this ability.
  • Sylar stole this ability from Zane, but lost it after being infected by the Shanti virus.


Melting requires some conscious effort; it does not automatically affect anything the person with the power touches. The maximum amount of mass that can be affected is unknown. Based on known demonstrations, the range of the ability is very short.

It is currently unclear whether objects liquefied by this power return to a solid state over time and, if so, how long it takes.

Using this power to liquefy objects does not appear to significantly raise their temperature, as would normally be expected when melting solids.

Zane TaylorEdit

Zane Taylor used his ability to both partially and completely liquefy various objects in his house, including a lamp, a telephone, and a pot.


Sylar was able to liquefy a toaster and Dale Smither's wrench.

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