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Memory manipulation is the ability to manipulate a person's memories, including projecting lost memories for an individual to re-experience.


  • Damian is the only character who has demonstrated this ability.


As confirmed by Edgar's list, one of this ability's aspects is memory projection: Damian touched Sylar making the House of Mirrors showcase Sylar's lost memories of his various murders by projecting them on various mirrors. It is currently unknown if Damian can project memories on other types of surfaces besides mirrors, or even if a surface is necessary at all. It is also not fully clear if Damian heals memories or if he simply shows them to the person. For instance, Sylar appeared to regain the knowledge of his past memories, but he didn't feel as if these reminiscences were truly his. Memories projected onto mirrors can be viewed by any within eyeshot; it is not limited to the individual whose memories are being projected. Also, after Damian has initially touched someone, he can project the images by just concentrating without having to be in constant contact. When he does this, he closes his eyes, concentrates and calls up the memory he wants to project.

Besides this aspect of memory projection, Damian appears to be capable of manipulating or affecting memories with unknown results. Samuel thought that Damian's ability would be able to force Hiro to stay with the Carnival by wiping his mind, but it only resulted in Hiro suddenly teleporting away, wanting to save "Doctor Watson". After this, his mind became like a "fanboy soup"; he can only express himself through comic imagery. However, Ando was able to reverse this by using supercharging to shock Hiro similar to electro-shock therapy, which undid what Damian did to Hiro and restored him to normal.

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