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Metal mimicry is the ability to transmute one's own body into metal.


  • Danny Pine is the first character to demonstrate this ability.
  • A large guy has also demonstrated this ability.


Danny PineEdit

Danny is able to transmute his hand and forearm into metal. It seems to be heavy enough to knock out Thompson with a single blow, but Danny is able to lift, bend, and swing it with relative ease. When Meredith directs her attack at Danny's metallic limb, he recoils in pain. It is yet unclear if Danny can feel pain through his transmuted flesh, or if this was a result of his untransformed skin being in contact with superheated metal.

Danny has not yet shown that he can transmute omre than just his forearm into metal.

Large guyEdit

The large guy is able to transmute his hand and forearm into metal. It is heavy enough to knock people out.

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