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Persuasion is the ability to force others to obey one's spoken imperatives.


  • Eden McCain naturally possessed this ability.
  • Kelly possesses this ability.


Eden McCainEdit

Eden's power of persuasion requires speech (so, it would not work if she were gagged), and presumably requires the affected individual to understand the spoken commands and be able to act on them.

Often during her focused commands her voice would become distorted.

Eden's suggestions do not compel instant obedience. She sometimes has to repeat commands before her victims obey, and the exact wording of the command may affect its success (Sylar appeared to resist Eden's rather complex set of commands at the end of Fallout). However, when strongly focused, the true limits of the power may extend to outright killing of the victim through pure power of persuasion.

This power appears to require active concentration; not every suggestion Eden makes has an unnaturally persuasive effect. She has to intentionally use the power.


Kelly is mentioned to possess the ability of persuasion. Kelly uses this ability to command and recruit other evolved humans to her cause within the town of Lyneboro.

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