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Plant growth is the ability to influence the growth of plants, causing them to mature with supernatural speed, grow to unusual size, and produce in abundance.


  • Au Co is the first character to demonstrate this ability.
  • Ian Michaels possesses this ability.


Au CoEdit

Au Co can apparently cause plants to grow to full maturity very quickly. Plants affected by her power grow to exceptional size, and fruit-bearing plants produce fruit in exceptionally large quantities. Due to her power, her village reportedly supplied enough food for the Viet Cong that its destruction would cripple their war effort.

Ian MichaelsEdit

When Ian is eating food and drinking some soda with John Mulligan, he begins to feel happy. He looks down and sees that his happiness had made the grass beneath him grow into lush, green grass instead of the usual dull dark color. This may show that Ian's power is affected by his emotional state.

Ian has enough control over his ability to cause a dying tree to regrow its leaves in abundance in a mere matter of seconds as well as generate a vast field of full green grass. Although for the latter, Ian did require water in order to produce the grass. In a matter of seconds, however, Ian was able to sprout grass across the valley and cause it to grow into a beautiful meadow.

Additionally, Edgar's list says that Ian "makes things grow". It is unknown if this ability to make things grow is only limited to plants, or if he can also make other things grow, too. So far, he has only demonstrated his ability on vegetation.

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