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Rapid cell regeneration (also referred to as "rapid cellular regeneration", "spontaneous regeneration", "tissue regeneration", "epithelial cell regeneration", or simply "regeneration" or "healing") is the ability to regenerate all kinds of cells at an increased rate, resulting in any and all physical and mental injuries perfectly healing and regenerating in a matter of seconds.



  • Claire Bennet is the first character (by episode) to demonstrate this ability and has shown the "regeneration" and "healing" aspects.
  • Adam Monroe is the earliest character (chronologically) to demonstrate this ability and has shown the "regeneration", "healing", and "anti-aging" aspects. He lost the ability when Arthur Petrelli stole it from him.
  • Peter Petrelli absorbed this ability from Claire, but lost it when Arthur Petrelli stole it from him. He later replicated it from Claire, but ultimately discarded it in favor of flight from West Rosen.
  • Sylar has acquired this ability from Claire.
  • Arthur Petrelli has stolen this ability from Adam and Peter.
  • Dan was caught on video playing a prank on his friends by regrowing his hand.


  • A future incarnation of Sylar kills Claire and obtains her ability in an alternate timeline.


  • According to Chandra's journal, a male individual potentially has the ability of "tissue regeneration".



This ability does not move displaced parts of the body back into the correct location. After filming the videotape, Claire had to manually re-insert her displaced ribs before the flesh on her ribcage would heal, and Peter Petrelli had to manually rotate his broken limbs to the correct orientation before it would heal when he used his empathic mimicry to mimic Claire's ability. However, Adam Monroe was able to completely heal from a massive explosion at Whitebeard's camp. Though not able to heal immediately after experiencing the explosion, as evidenced by his charred body in the ruins of the tents. In a similar circumstance, Claire survived a radioactive explosion twice, healing immediately from severe burns after in both instances in the actual timeline as well as in the exposed future. Claire has also shown to be unaffected by electrocution, healing damage with ease.

Typically, Claire's blood does not return to its place in her body when an associated wound heals, although it can if the wound is small and her blood has not spread far from it (the only example being when her brother stapled her hand). She is consistently covered with blood following a serious injury.

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