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Shizuku has the ability to conjure a vacuum cleaner she calls Blinky. Blinky can inhale an infinite number of nonliving objects but it can't inhale things that are alive or conjured objects made out of nen. No object consumed by Blinky can be retrieved except for the last thing that was sucked in and not even Shizuku herself knows where the things sucked in by Blinky go. Her ability is considered to be rare and invaluable to the Troupe. Blinky is often used in order to clean up the evidence of crime scenes. She can also use Blinky's abilities to remove foreign materials from living bodies. In battle, Shizuku uses Blinky as a club and is capable of conjuring it into her hands and dispelling it as she pleases. The teeth protruding from Blinky's mouth are capable of inflicting open wounds; she is able to exsanguinate her opponents by having BLinky suck out the blood from their sores.

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