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Kurapika can conjure a unique weapon -- five chains that extend from each finger on his right hand. Some of the fingers were specially designed to deal vengeance on the Phantom Troupe members. To increase the effectiveness of his chains against them, Kurapika placed strict limitations on the usage of his chains. The purpose of the chain on Kurapika's index finger has yet to be revealed.

Holy ChainEdit

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Shaped like a cross, it cures wounds by drawing from Enhancement abilities. When Kurapika is in his Specialist state, it can heal serious injuries, such as a fractured arm, within seconds.

Chain JailEdit

Shaped like a hook, it wraps around spiders and restricts their movement. It also forcefully causes its prisoners to enter Zetsu, shutting off their aura and preventing the use of Nen abilities. It is only possible to escape from the Chain Jail through brute force. Kurapika imposed a limitation onto this chain, so that it can only be used to deal with members of the Phantom Troupe. If this condition is violated, Kurapika will die. This limitation was needed in order to increase the strength of the ability. The chain is so powerful that Uvogin, the strongest in physical strength amongst the Troupe, couldn't break free.

Dowsing ChainEdit

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Shaped like a ball and chain, Kurapika uses this frequently under normal situations, for defensive and offensive purposes. It is also useful for other investigative activities, like determining the location of missing individuals. He also uses this chain to identify if someone is lying. It has a small ball-like weight at the end which moves in the direction of whatever he is dowsing for.

Judgment ChainEdit

The Stake of Retribution, a blade on the end of the Judgment Chain, enters the victim's body and wraps around the heart. Kurapika sets two conditions and if the victim violates either one, the chain crushes their heart, killing them. It can only be used while Kurapika's eyes are scarlet. Kurapika himself as a blade wrapped around his heart, which he used to set the limitations for the use Chain Jail ability.

Emperor TimeEdit

When Kurapika's eyes shift into scarlet, he changes from a Conjurer to a Specialist. This ability allows him to utilize all the types of Nen to 100% efficiency. In the manga, Kurapika explains this using the terms "level" and "force/accuracy": his "levels" in various Nen categories remain the same during Emperor Time, however, his force and accuracy for every category is raised to 100%. Thus, if Kurapika's level in conjuration were 10, his level in emission would be 4, and during Emperor Time, he would be evenly matched against a level 4 emitter at 100%. Outside of Emperor Time, his force and accuracy in emission would at most be only 40%.

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