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Bonolenov Edit

He waited for a Chimera Ant, stronger than an average human, to deplete all of his stamina, whilst he didn't look tired in the least. Furthermore, he employed two powerful Nen attacks, with one of them creating a massive boulder, and, still, he didn't run out of breath.

Cheetu Edit

Cheetu can run at crazy speeds for a long amount of time without growing tired.

Franklin Edit

Franklin is able to shoot thousands of very powerful and fast Nen bullets without growing tired.

Kite Edit

Kite can cover long distances running alongside Gon and Killua without tiring. A true testament to his endurance is given by the fact that he was able to fight the monstrously powerful Neferpitou after the shock and blood loss resulting from having his right arm cut off.


Knuckle is noted for his ability to run at full speed for an extremely long time, evading four police cars for a day and night when he had only just graduated from primary school. It is highly likely his endurance has increased after growing and learning Nen.

Leorio ParadinightEdit

Leorio has great stamina as he was able to pass through the first phase of the exam which involved running at least more than 80 kilometers. His determination to become a Hunter helped him to complete the run.


In the dodgeball game against Gon's team, he used an immense quantity of aura continuously without ever breaking a sweat. Aside from the effort needed to produce his devils, one of his throws was said to rival Gon's own when enhanced with Jajanken, although not completely at full strength, and he performed a great number of them.

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