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Welfin is a Conjurer and his Hatsu is called "Middleman." It takes the form of a conjured organism attached to his back with a shrunken head and four alien limbs, each holding a missile. To use Missileman, Welfin must fulfull three conditions:

  1. First, Welfin may only use Missileman as a tool of negotiation as part of his vow.
  2. Welfin must then establish a target.
  3. Welfin then loads a missile round in a form of a question or order.

If the target lies or disobeys the order, the attack commenses and Missileman automatically fires. A misfire may occur if Welfin incorrectly identifies the target, but if Missileman is succesfully activated, the missiles continuously chase the target until they hit. When hit, black centipedes burrow into the target's body. The victim then experiences a great deal of pain and must do as Welfin says, for an act of defiance will cause the centipedes to grow faster - leading to the victim's death. But through a series of negotiation, if at any point Welfin admits defeat in the deal or the target tells the truth, the centipedes will weaken and eventually die.

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