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Sarah Rushman (Marrow)Edit

She has the ability to control the growth, shape and toughness of her bone structure. Initially, this was uncontrolled as they constantly protruded from her skin in an uncontrollable rate, but after enhancement by a Skrull medical facility, and later by the Weapon X Program, she would learn to mostly control it retaining a more cleanly semblance, protrusions which she can remove, though not without pain, and wield as weapons. Even acting as a form of protective shielding around or armor by covering herself with it. She can utilize this power in many ways, including the creation of knuckle guards, spears, blades, rigid tendrils, bone claws, both fingernail and knuckle protrusions and even projectile spikes. While with Weapon X, Marrow had more control of her protrusions. She was able to hide them appearing normal and form more complex shapes and o a higher quality, similar to ivory. After having regained her powers under Volga's power restorative/bestowal experimentation, Marrow had regained complete control over her power, possibly strengthening it even but at the cost of her sanity. Now Marrow not only had enough control over her power to appear more human but could take her abilities to new heights.

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