Carmella Unuscione (Unuscione)Edit

Unuscione is also able to generate bio-electric energy charges through her exoskeleton that cause intense pain and a temporary disruption of a living being's neuro-synaptic impulses, resulting in a loss of autonomic body function, basically paralyzing them.

Tamara Kurtz (Dragoness)Edit

She is able to generate and store bio-electricity, which can either be released as electric blasts or pyrotechnic flares.

Wendy Sherman (Stinger)Edit

Stinger's body can build, store and discharge bio-electricity. Most generally, Stinger would release her potent energies from her hands because it allowed more focus and aim. Though fairly new to her mutant powers, she has shown the ability to use this in various ways. She was able to discharge her stored energies in differing levels of energy. Stinger could discharge her bio-electrical energies at levels from as minuscule as small static, to staggering bolts of lightning like energy that could be devastating.

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