Joshua Foley (Elixir)Edit

Elixir is capable of controlling the biological structure of his own and other people's bodies. He is, theoretically, capable of rewriting someone's genetic structure at will. He can produce biomolecular energy at will to affect organic matter he touches. This allows him to heal physical damage done to his body or the bodies of others, reactivate suppressed mutant abilities, repair cerebral functions, and alter the composition of his own molecules in certain ways. He hasn't reached his full healing potential yet. Currently, he is capable of basic healing, having successfully healed broken bones, severe burns and even a mortal stab through the chest. His ability is by close proximity - he tends to touch his targets, but can heal through clothing. He may eventually develop enough control of his powers to manipulate the human genome, altering eye, hair and skin color, implanting physical characteristics or even reactivating dormant mutant or atavistic genes.

Elixir has demonstrated increased mastery of his powers; he is capable of sedating an enraged Wolfsbane and cleaning her body of drugs, granting himself and Archangel a healing factor and curing people of the Legacy Virus. His control over his ability is now so refined that he was not only capable of giving the Vanisher a brain tumor, but even of shaping it into the X-Men logo.

Because of his control over his own biology, Elixir has proven to be very difficult to treat medically. He usually passes out after pushing his powers too far and remains in a coma for some time. Dr. Nemesis guessed that, during these times, his DNA reboots itself.

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