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Blaquesmith Edit

He can slow down the flow of time, perhaps psionically.

Gabriel Cohuelo (Velocidad) Edit

Velocidad can slow down the movement of time around him, but remains unaffected by the slow down. This gives Velocidad the appearance of moving very fast. Because of this phenomena, it was originally thought Velocidad was a speedster. When he first used his powers, he appeared to be stuck in a state of superspeed and unable to slow down. He aged by several months while only a day had passed for everybody else. It has been revealed that his powers are speeding up his aging greatly, and he already has gray hair.

Gabriel Shepherd (Shepherd)Edit

He can create temporal pockets out to at least 500 meters, which place anyone and everything, excepting those he wishes not to be affected, in it to be rendered into a stasis-like condition.

Suzanne Chan (Sway) Edit

Sway demonstrated the ability to decelerate and probably stopping time around her body. It's highly possible her powers revolved either around the manipulation of gravitation as means for space-time curvature or the control of chronitons, much like Tempo, another time-manipulating mutant. By focusing carefully, Sway was able to slow down and stop objects entirely, enabling her to freeze projectiles in mid-air, immobilizing her enemies, and various other effects. Apparently, Sway's training had honed her abilities to the point where she could target specific objects in her range or everything within a certain radius.

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