Henrique Gallante (Asylum)Edit

Gallante is a mutant with the psionic ability to tap into the Darkforce dimension, an energy-based on darkness. So powerful is his access that Gallante was able to open a rift the size of Manhattan between his dimension and the Darkforce's. Although, initially Gallante could not consciously control the Darkforce he released, it would often act as a part of his subconscious desire, such as flooding and destroying the world or releasing the dark impulses of others.

He could surround himself in Darkforce, creating a separate, giant-sized body, and could manipulate masses of Darkforce as he desired, creating shapes, tendrils, and blasts of energy. After regaining some control over his abilities, Gallante could even teleport himself and others by using his body as a portal to the Darkforce dimension. Once inside the dimension, Gallante's victims would be confronted with their greatest fears as the Darkforce heightened and fed off the "darkness" within the psyches.

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