Adam Neramani (Adam-X/X-Treme)Edit

Adam can send an electric surge through oxygenated blood, which leads to ignition of the electrolytes present in blood, causing a person to burn from the inside out. To use his power, Adam must first saturate opponent's blood with oxygen. He usually uses various blades to injure the opponent and cause bleeding, thus oxygenated their blood. Also, sometimes he uses the trigger word "burn" to activate his power. When employing his power, his eyes glow with a reddish light. The intensity of the burn is variable; he is capable of producing merely a warming sensation to incinerating a person within a matter of seconds. Adam can affect multiple targets with his power, the average intesnity of which is enough to stun. Doing so, however, takes a tremendous effort, usually leaving Adam in a weakened state. For this reason, his abilities are not often used against multiple targets.