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Ahmet Abdol (Living Monolith)Edit

Although Havok projects absorbed radiation as energy blasts, the Living Monolith had a broader range of powers. He is able to project energy as intense heat, a concussive force, or sonic vibrations. Stored energy also affects his physical form - increasing his size, mass, strength, and resistance to injury, and granting him an indefinite lifespan. Although there appears to be no clear upper limit to the amount of power he can absorb, it is also possible to overload his powers.

Gabriel Summers (Vulcan) Edit

Vulcan could generate light, heat, force, electricity, and other forms of energy in the form of powerful blasts. He could generate these blasts from his hands as well as his eyes.

Roberto da Costa (Sunspot)Edit

During Sunspot's time with X-Force, he was kidnapped by a supervillain named Gideon who performed various experiments on him. Gideon exposed Sunspot's body to massive amounts of solar energy in order to test the limits of his solar absorption. After these experiments, Sunspot's body was overloaded with solar energy, and he later gained the ability to fire blasts of heat and concussive force.

Warren Worthington (Angel/Archangel) Edit

He was able to fire energy blasts.

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