Santo Vaccarro (Rockslide)Edit

Rockslide's body is composed completely of inorganic granite. When Rockslide was first shattered by the Kingmaker and put back together by Hellion, it was much like how Emma Frost in her diamond form was reanimated by Jean Grey. Rockslide's body was next obliterated by Nimrod, only to eventually put itself partially back together. This time his appearance is larger and more rugged. The third instance where Rockslide's body was destroyed was in Limbo. However, this time he returned as a large lava/magma elemental type creature. It is unknown whether this is able to be controlled or if it is a passive regenerative ability that occurs when Rockslide's body is destroyed. After this episode, it is hypothesized by Beast that given Rockslide's three experiences reforming his body after being destroyed, Rockslide is actually a non-physical psychic entity that can form and control a stone "golem".

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