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Lila CheneyEdit

Lila has the ability to generate a tachyon field about hersel with which can transport herself and other people/objects across interstellar distances, even across the Milky Way galaxy. The tachyon field converts matter into faster-than-light particles and then Lila provides them a direction to travel in.

Because her power, once activated, will already have carried her hundreds of thousands of miles away before she can even complete the thought of "stop", Lila can't teleport across shorter distances.

Hence, when she teleports from one spot on Earth to another, she actually has to teleport herself to her Dyson Sphere from her starting point and then teleport herself from sphere to the other point on Earth. Apparently, she must specifically know any location to which she teleports in order to do so.

Apparently, Lila can also teleport herself to location where her voice has been, like when she accidentally teleported to Captain Marvel's ship because Carol was listening to her music.

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