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Tandy Bowen (Dagger)Edit

Dagger and form six-inch 'light daggers' which she can throw from her fingertips. Her daggers may automatically form under certain conditions, such as another person in danger. The maximum effective range is unknown, but the daggers seem to weaken with further distance. Dagger has a limited ability to control their flight and reinforce them by compelling them to seek targets. They can track a being, but it is most effective when searching for Cloak. Those hit by these knives have their own life-force disrupted. Dagger can then drain a portion of their life-force; enough to kill if she wishes. Normally, she chooses to leave them in a state of shock where they will see a vision of how their life might be different. The experience is powerful enough to make most individuals rethink their choices, although a hardened criminal or evil being is unlikely to change their ways.

  • Living Light Detoxification: Dagger's energy can also 'purge' a person, removing toxins, drugs, and other malignant substances from their system It also has the capacity to cure certain people of drug addictions.
  • Living Light Manipulation: Sometimes Dagger can redirect the daggers after they ricochet. Other times, the daggers are dispersed if they hit a non-living thing. She can project her life-force energy in a diffused manner, allowing her to illuminate dark areas as if by natural light. Dagger can also project her 'light' into Cloak's dimension to feed his hunger. She is unharmed when traveling through his dimension and can pass this protection to others.

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