Cessily Kincaid (Mercury)Edit

Mercury is composed of a non-toxic liquid mercury. Her form allows her to alter her shape by collapsing into a featureless mass, extending blades from her skin, or molding herself into different forms. Her ability to shape shift extends to the most basic of rudimentary weapons. Her liquid mercury form is non-organic.

  • Self-Sustenance: She is no longer a carbon-based life form and does not need to eat or breathe the same way as normal humans. Still, she consumes food out of habit and has not realized the scope of her change.
  • Telepathic Resistance: She is very hard to telepathically detect or influence while in her mercury form.
  • Molecular Adhesion: Her mercury form gives her the ability to cling to solid surfaces and move her body at will even without overt locomotive features.
  • Enhanced Durability: Her skin, bone and muscle that is transformed into liquid mercury make it stronger and harder than average humans. She is impervious to injury to a certain extent.
  • Magical Resistance: Due to her transient body, it's harder to magically detect, influence, or harm her than other humans and mutants, but her resistance is far from infinite and can be overwhelmed by more skilled magicians like Belasco and Magik.

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