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Simon Hall (Neophyte)Edit

Neophyte is a phase-morpher, able to travel distances through mass by breaking down his physical structure and entering a solid material. When in contact with matter, Neophyte relaxes the molecular bonding forces in his body so that his molecules merge with the object he's touching in a non-substantial state. He can then cause the mass of his body to reform itself at a different angle or position to emerge from the object. When the Acolytes were based in a large French castle, he could merge his mass with one stone wall of the castle and reform himself a moment later out of any of the connecting stone surfaces.

Later, on the rocky hillside of Wundagore, Neophyte could almost instantly relocate himself across the landscape by merging with the earth and rock of the area. He could also separate his mass into multiple small masses, such as when he jumped off a balcony and disappeared into a rainstorm by dividing his mass up into the rain, only to reform later as the rain hit the ground below. He could extend his phasing power to include an undisclosed amoutn of extra mass as well. Also, his powers can work similarly to Shadowcat's phasing, such as when Neophyte touched Frenzy to use his power to cause Gambit's explosive cards to pass right through her. So, he does not have to only use his power to travel through an object.

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