Jonothon Starsmore (Chamber)Edit

Chamber was a mutant who was naturally composed of pure psionic energy. In truth, his physical body was just a shell for what he truly was. The initial emergence of his powers blew a hole in his chest and lower face, completely incinerating most of his internal organs. Because of this, Chamber no longer needs to eat, drink, or breathe. Oddly enough, Chamber's blood did continue to flow through his extremities, as if propelled by a churning engine of psionic flame itself. However, he was sustained solely by the psionic flame that raged within his body. If it were somehow snuffed out, he would most likely have died. But then, he might argue that he already died once and came back, so his reaction to a disruption of his mutant abilities may still have been unclear. As his flames were actually psionic in nature and didn't rely on some form of fuel to continue to burn, they didn't seem to be affected by conditions that would be adverse to actual flame.

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