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Sybil Dvorak (Skein)Edit

Skein possesses the mutant ability to mentally manipulate materials and objects with her mind. Because all matter has a powerful and specific "texture" to her mind, she prefers to only manipulate "soft" substances like fibers and other malleable, yielding substances. Thus, she confines her manipulation to such substances as fabrics and organic tissue such as that of plants or animals. The maximum amount of material she can manipulate at once is equivalent to the amount of weight she can lift physically, about 120 pounds. She is able to make such gross movements as yanking 120 pounds of cloth across a room at all once or such fine movements as threading a needle from across the room. The range of her influence is about 50 feet.

Vance Astro (Major Victory) Edit

Major Victor possesses the psionic ability of psychokinesis, the ability to affect matter with his mind. For some reason, Major Victor's psionic powers can only be manifested by "psyche-blasts", focused psychokinetic blasts of explosive force, that can disrupt the synapses in the minds of any living being they strike. Lately, Major Victory has shown some marginal improvement of the control of his psychokinesis, such as generating small psionic pulses to show the descent of falling people, or gentle psychic bursts to move objects forwards or backwards.

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