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Beyonder Edit

The Beyonder has the general ability to manipulate reality. He has vast psionic abilities; he can easily change states of matter, and has a host of different powers. He is endowed with superhuman strength of such an extent that it is potentially incalculable. Using his ability to manipulate reality, he can, in effect, regenerate damage done to his body by simply willing it repaired. Other powers include teleportation, flight, the ability to choose his own physical resistances and attributes, as well as the ability to move others from one place to another via teleportation, such as the heroes and villains he moved through spacetime to his 'battleworld' construct in the original Secret Wars. He can make or destroy a multiverse.

Inherent in his almost limitless psionic abilities, the Beyonder has the potential to affect reality in a manner that could, in theory, simulate virtually any power.

Kevin MacTaggert (Proteus)Edit

He can manipulate energy and matter in a limited area around himself with a thought.

Madelyne Pryor (Red Queen)Edit

She has the ability to bend the quantum strings that make-up reality within a localized area.


Onslaught has the ability to manipulate reality itself on a potentially cosmic scale. His abilities are so powerful that he can create "pocket" universes in alternate realities. Utilizing this power, he was able to effectively create a second sun from nothing, something only powerful cosmic entities have been able to create.

William Kaplan (Wiccan)Edit

Wiccan's main power is the superhuman ability to manipulate magical forces, which he inherited from his mother, the Scarlet Witch. Wiccan uses his magic through a unique form of self-taught spell casting involving stating an effect or action he wants to happen. Wiccan has no standard spells, with most being improvised on the spot. While generally very effective, his spells can be degraded by a lack of willingness to perform them or stress. Wiccan can use magic to enhance himself or others for short periods of time.

Other Characters Edit

  • Clyde Wyncham, Jr.

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