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Paras Gavaskar (Indra)Edit

Indra is a mutant who possesses the superhuman ability to form a very durable retractable exoskeleton around his body. The mechanic behind his power is unknown, but he is able to summon his exoskeleton almost instantaneously and with little-to-no restriction in his mobility. His exoskeleton formerly took the form of a rhinoceros beetle like armor, but now he is able to summon a full-fledged set of ornate medieval armor. When Indra wills so, the armor dissipates into the air.

  • Superhuman Durability: Indra possesses superhuman durability derived from his exoskeletal armored form. In his armored form, he is immune to conventional trauma and also has limited resistance to energy attacks.
  • Retractable Weapons: Recently, Indra has demonstrated the ability to form weapons in a similar fashion to his armored exoskeleton. The knife Indra formed has shown to be sharp enough to cleave a rock in half. He seems to be able to psionically levitate the weapons he creates.

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