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Heather Cameron (Lifeguard)Edit

According to the type of danger at the current situation, she automatically obtains the powers necessary to save those lives, be they hers or others. These powers and forms she takes are determined by the situation she is in and adapts accordingly to the situation at hand. The variety of Lifeguard's power manifestations appear to be almost limitless. Lifeguard becomes aware of how to use any power(s) she manifests after a few seconds. She can also manage more than one power at a time.

Some of her displayed uses of his power are:

  • Growing wings for flight
  • Extra arms for carrying and super strength
  • Skin turning into a sort of golden metallic armor
  • Gills for underwater breathing
  • Legs turning into a fish tail for better swimming ability
  • Increasing her strength level from normal to superhuman

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