Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)Edit

Nightcrawler has a very limited subconscious extrasensory ability that prevents him from teleporting himself so that his feet, for example, would materialize below the surface of the local ground. Because this ability is so limited, however, Nightcrawler will not teleport into any place that he cannot see or has not seen in the past. If Nightcrawler teleported himself into an unfamiliar area, he would run the risk of materializing partially or entirely within a solid object. If too much of his body materialized within a solid object, he would probably be killed.

Telford Porter (Vanisher)Edit

Vanisher possesses an instinctual extrasensory ability that prevents him from materializing all or part of his body within a solid object. Vanisher can teleprot to any place within his teleportational range, whether he had seen it or not, without danger or harming himself. Thus, he was able to materialize within a top secret chamber of the Pentagon.

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