David Bond (Hijack) Edit

Hijack has the ability to usurp control of vehicular mechanisms with his thoughts. All he has to do is focus his mind on said device, and he can make its engines run, doors open and close, or ride through hoops by ordering it to do so. So far, the upper limits of his control haven't been discovered; to date, he has shown he can jury rig an entire helicarrier with moderate effort and, later on, take over many of them when they were already controlled by another person, while stopping countless giant and human-sized Sentinels.

Lucas Bishop (Bishop)Edit

Main article: Digital Communication

Bashur can actively receive and store all forms of electronic data and transmissions in his mind. He describes it as 'electronic telepathy'. His power works passively, in a manner that does not interfere with the transmission of any data he might intercept. He can receive electronic signals over a great distance - even isolating himself in a rural area did not completely shut out the information.

Bashur has an infinite storage capacity in his mind, containing every piece of information he has been exposed to. Unfortunately, this data is streamed into his mind far faster than he can accurately scan it all consciously.

Though the information is present in his mind, it takes a combination of meditation, effort, and sheer willpower for Bashur to locate and extract specific bits of information on command.

Madison Jeffries (Box)Edit

He has evolved a secondary mutation of full technopathy, allowing him to communicate with artificial intelligences, base appliances, machinery and robotics. This makes it relatively easy for him to control and utilize most of these as a result.

Owen Backes (Tin Man) Edit

His mutation allows him to interface with technology and possibly much more. The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

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