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Eva Bell (Tempus) Edit

Tempus can seriously slow down time in a specific place. In one instance, Dr. Strange stated that her ability is the best he had ever seen, and a person within the field would require one hundred years to make one step. She can also slow time on contact.

Kiden NixonEdit

Nixon can realign herself into a faster time-stream, shifting herself into a state in which time moves so slowly, relative to her perception, that it appears to stop, although she continues to operate normally. When she moves to this faster time-stream, seconds to everyone else are minutes to her. While in this state, she does not need food or rest.

Relative to the rest of the world, however, she moves at impossible speeds. Because of that, when in thsi state, she unwillingly applies an extreme amount of force to whatever she touches. A simple touch, therefore, has the same impact as a punch from a much stronger person. Ironically and unfortunately, she was initially only able to leave the faster time-stream when touching a person's skin, though she seems to have learned how to leave voluntarily, but touching a person's skin will still return her to the normal time-stream. Usually, the shift is voluntary, but Nixon may unconscoiusly shift in stressful circumstances.

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