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Power Transferal is the ability to take powers from people and/or give them to others.


  • Seth is the only person to have displayed this ability.


In Episode 7 (Series 2), Seth showed that he was able to take powers from the user and give them to other people. He removed all of this MisFits group powers and, at the end of the episode, was shown granting them new ones. Seth showed that he had to hold the hands of the person in order to take or give them abilities, which then causes a bright glow from their hands.

Seth can store others' powers inside of him, but he cannot use them himself. Seth has also demonstrated that he can take a power and give a new power simultaneously, which is what he did when taking the gender swap back from Curtis and giving him the resurrection power. It seems that, when Seth initiates a transfer, he prevents the power activating, as he was able to touch Alisha and take her power without activating it, and he was able to take the immunity power, even though immunity should have made it impossible to take the power.

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