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Relationship Manipulation is the power to manipulate others' feelings toward the user.


  • Finn is the only character to have displayed this ability. His power developed by his will of wanting a father.


In Episode 5, baby Finn wants a father, so he uses his ability to possess Nathan into acting as a father towards him. When noticing that he will be a bad father, Finn then rejects him.

The psychic connection is such that the victim can hear the user's psychic cries from hundreds of feet away. This was used by the toddler Finn on Nathan, whom he chose to be his new father after his own father had run out on him and his mother. Unfortunately, the confused Nathan then tried to kidnap Finn. The rest of the gang were able to put it right after Kelly read the toddler's mind and advised his mother to take him to the real father, promising her that he would definitely want to take care o the child.