Video Game Hallucination is the power to perceive real life as if it were a video game. In Tim's case, he believed life to be like a video game, similar to Grand Theft Auto or the Saints Row series. He also saw people as who he believed they were, and his mind could not be changed once set. An example of this is seeing Simon as a man name Conti and Kelly as Roxxy.

He later returns in Series 5 as a recurring character, now out of prison and attending a support group for people with powers. He has wrapped a rubber band around his arm that he snaps against his skin when he needs to remember that he's hallucinating. In one episode, he also tells Rudy that he has woken up to find a bag containing money and a handgun next to his bed, but has no idea why. It's not clear whether he got these during one of his hallucinations and subsequently forgot, or whether the superpower causes them to appear near him when he sleeps, in a manner to weapons appearing in the apartments of Grand Theft Auto characters when they save their games. The latter may indeed be the case, since Tim's car in the real world is identical to the one used by "Jimmy Cisco" in Tim's video game, and whom Tim believes himself to be in the game world.

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