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Addictive contentment is Corin's power to make a person feel content about his or her situation.


Anyone who gets exposed to this power will feel content, and even happy, regardless of his or her situation, be it boredom or an endless time in captivity. However, those who are exposed to this gift for too long will become addicted to it; they may begin to feel uneasy without being exposed to it for a certain period of time.


Corin mainly uses this ability to keep the Volturi wives, Sulpicia and Athenodra, happy while being trapped in their castle tower. Aro also made her use this gift on Chelsea to prevent her from leaving the Volturi; since her influence was addictive. Aro himself had been careful not to be exposed to it too often. Marcus had repeatedly refused to let Corin relieve his pain of Didyme's death over the centuries, though Caius frequently used it to mitigate his boredom between battles and punishing expeditions.

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